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Magnetic Hematite Stone Bracelet / Anklet Therapy for Joint Pains and Weight Loss.


Hematite Stone Benefits:

  • Chakra Healing.
  • Balancing Body Energies.
  • Stress Relief And Energetic Purification.
  • Regulate The Blood Flow In The Body.
  • Relieve All Forms Of Pains In The Body.
  • Keeps All Body Cells Functioning Maximally.
  • Help Calm the Mind & Nerves.
  • Enhance creativity.

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For thousands of years, Hematite Stone treatment has been in use. What we see in the market is a rediscovery and continuation of embracing those beliefs. Magnetic therapy is believed to solve the problems in the body,  because the body is out of balance. Thus the magnets are meant to bring the body back into alignment, and as a result, relieve the problem.

Magnetic Hematite considered to have healing properties because of it’s high iron content and said to aid the kidneys, speed tissue regeneration and contribute to overall well being.

When wearing a magnetic hematite bracelet, you can be sure of having a fashion statement combined with the benefits of magnetic therapy.

NOTE TO FIRST TIME USER:  First-time wearers may have a warm feeling or tingling where the magnets are in contact with the skin in first few days of wearing the bracelet. According to the Magnetic Therapy Councils, that’s because there is improved blood circulation, and it takes the body a few days to adjust.


WARNING: Magnetic treatment has the potential to boost cell production, and it is, therefore, not to be worn by those with cancer or when pregnant. It is likely going to affect the cancer treatment and in the case of pregnancy, it has the potential to affect the fetus growth.