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Propolis Toothpaste Organic Green Tea Extract (200 g. & 50 g.)


Atomy Propolis and Green Tea Extract Toothpaste is best to use by children and adults. Helps prevent
*Bad Breath
One set has 5 Boxes of 200grams each. Total savings!

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Propolis Toothpaste with Organic Green Tea Extract (5 tubes of 200 g. each)

Get healthy gums with Atomy Propolis Green Tea Extract Toothpaste helps prevent Cavities Plaque Tartar Bad Breath. Safe for children use. Comes with 5 tubes of 200grams each or 4 tubes of 50 grams each.  For ORAL CARE SYSTEM, CLICK TO BUY HERE! 

Atomy Propolis Toothpaste Review

Propolis Toohpaste

4 Tubes of 50grams each, 5 Tubes of 200 grams each