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Magnetic Slimming Ring Weight


Magnetic Slimming Ring Weight Loss Health Care Fitness Jewelry Burning Weight Design Opening Therapy Lose Fashion X

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Product Description:

1.This beautiful ring is a fashion item for everyday wear and can easily achieve weight loss, which is very popular and fashionable.
2.The magnetic ring can accelerate the metabolism inside the body, stimulate the acupuncture points, promote lymphatic and blood circulation, thereby alleviating fatigue and pain and promoting human health.
3.It can help burn fat, reduce weight, and you can lose weight without going to the gym.
4.It can relieve pain in many parts of the shoulders, back, neck, waist, etc. Relieve body fatigue, soothe the body and mind, let you relax and be comfortable.
5.It is suitable for daily wear and does not cause any harm or side effects to the human body.
6.Resistant to strong acid and strong alkali, no discoloration, no allergies, hard, no deformation.
7.Beautiful gifts for family and friends on birthdays, weddings.
8.Different sizes for different finger sizes.


Stainless steel