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Herb Day Feminine Sanitary Pads


👩Feminine Health Protection. Herbday pads use carefully selected Oriental Medicinal ingredients that have been meticulously tested and proven to promote gynecological health.

Great Shape. Created to Disinfect. Super Absorption. Prevent Leakage. Created in response to gynecological needs. .

Large –with 40 pcs in 10 packets (28 cm in length)
Medium – with 40 pcs in 10 packets (23 cm  in length)
Liner – with 80 pcs in 20 packets, (16 cm in length)


Healthy Feminine Pad & Panty Liner


Large – 10 per packet, 16 cm (with 40 pcs)

Medium – 10 per packet, 23 cm (with 40 pcs)

Liner – 20 per packet, 80 cm (with 80 pcs of 16 cm lenght)

Feminine Napkins

Herb Day Daily Liner, Herb Day Pad Large, Herb Day Pad Medium