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Antibacterial Utensils Sponge Scrubber ( 4 peices set)


Antibactrial & Hugh Abrasion-Resistant Scrub Sponge with Excellent C;enaing Quality
Erase worries about bacteria with inorganic Antimicrobial Agent.

Its curved shape fits into your hand comfortably. And makes cleaning easy and thorough.

4 Pieces in a pack. We place it on SALE, because we want you to try it and feel the difference! Its amazing Sponge Scrubber!

Atomy Scrubber is an Antibacterial and High Abrasion-Resistant scrub sponge with excellent cleaning qualities. Its curved shape fits into your hand comfortably and makes cleaning easy and thorough.

Product Features.

Atomy Scrubber is 99.9% Antibacterial Tested by UK Huntingdon Life Sciences.

Also, it has a triple-layered structure for multi-purpose uses.

Antibacterial- Filter Foam.

It’s excellent for cleaning, has less possibility of scratch, and is especially great to remove remaining oil. Also, easy and quick to dry for better hygiene.

Antibacterial polyurethane sponge.

It’s densely structured, creates a rich lather, and has high durability. In addition, it features an inorganic antibacterial agent.

Antibacterial – Nonwoven Fabric.

Atomy Scrubber is made of 66 nylon from Germany. Aluminum Oxide abrasive material makes it easy to clean stubborn stains on a grill or iron pots.

Ergonomic Design.

It has a hole for a convenient grip. Its round and angled edges easily fit into various shapes of cutler